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Fire and EMS Department
Mayor Muriel Bowser
Fire and EMS Department

Thank you for using a Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department Ambulance. On behalf of the emergency personnel who treated you and the more than 2,000 employees of DC Fire and EMS, please accept our best wishes for a speedy recover from your illness or injury. Our Department provides this web page as a resource for answering questions about customer service, ambulance billing, insurance payments, hardship assistance and other topics associated with emergency services. Common questions include:

Why does the District charge ambulance fees?

To reduce the tax cost of emergency medical services (EMS) for DC residents. The Fire and EMS Department has charged ambulance fees for more than thirty years. District Government authorized such fees to offset the tax cost of providing EMS to residents and visitors. While taxes provide the majority of operational funding, ambulance fees collected from insurance companies pay approximately $1 out of every $8 spent on EMS. Although this might not seem like much, monies from other District programs would be redirected to support EMS if ambulance fees were not charged. Additionally, more than 15% of patients using EMS in the District live in Virginia or Maryland. If taxes were used as the only source of funding, Virginia and Maryland residents would essentially use the system for “free,” while DC residents paid the bill.

What types of fees are charged and how much does an ambulance ride cost?

The Fire and EMS Department follows the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) “Fee Schedule for Payment of Ambulance Services” as described in Volume 67, Number 39 of the Federal Register. The new fees became effective January 1, 2009 and include the following:

The fees described above are subject to change. The most recent notice describing District of Columbia ambulance fees may be found on the Department web site or will be mailed to you upon request. Please call our customer service number at (202) 673-3331 for additional information.

A fire truck came with the ambulance. Do I get charged for that too?

No. The Fire and EMS Department only charges fees for ambulance transport. Fire trucks can respond to 911 calls faster than ambulances, meaning emergency personnel get to you quicker. No fees are charged for this service. You also will not be charged if you were evaluated and/or treated but chose not to be transported to the hospital by ambulance.

Why did the ambulance crew ask me for my personal information?

To verify your identity and prevent fraud. Because the Fire and EMS Department charges fees for service, ambulance crews are instructed to verify patient identity including name, social security number, birth date, home address and telephone number. They also may ask for health insurance, automobile insurance or employment information, depending on the situation. Our Department requires identity verification to protect patients from fraud and to assure, if possible, you are covered by healthcare or other insurance.

Will my health insurance pay my ambulance bill?

In most cases, YES. DC residents who are covered by MediCAID, Alliance or MediCARE programs will have NO out-of-pocket expenses related to ambulance bills. DC residents who are covered by private healthcare insurance MAY be required to pay a co-pay or deductible expense, generally less than $100. Ambulance patients who are not DC residents and not covered by MediCAID, MediCARE or other federal programs, will be expected to pay all ambulance charges they are responsible for. Other insurances may pay ambulance charges including automobile, homeowners, boat or “umbrella” policies.

What happens if I don’t have healthcare insurance?

We can help you! If you are a DC resident without healthcare insurance, and you are NOT eligible for MediCAID, please call (888) 828-8019 and ask to speak with a customer service specialist. Our billing office staff will provide contact and application information for the DC HealthCare Alliance, a DC Department of Health program that provides free healthcare to low-income District residents who meet income eligibility requirements.

Are there any programs for senior citizens?

YES! Effective January 1, 2009, if you are a senior citizen covered by MediCARE and a DC resident, you are no longer responsible for paying ambulance charges NOT covered by MediCARE or another insurance plan. Please make certain you sign any MediCARE verification forms offered by the ambulance crew or mailed to you by our ambulance billing office.

I’m NOT a DC resident and don’t have health insurance. Am I still responsible for paying my ambulance charges?

In most cases, YES. If you are NOT a DC resident, Federal Law requires the District to bill you for the full amount of ambulance charges and pursue payment of such charges. If you do NOT have healthcare or other insurance and cannot afford to pay your charges, please call (888) 828-8019 and ask to speak with a customer service specialist. Our billing office staff will provide information concerning payment options. You may be required to complete and submit application forms or other information.

What is the telephone number for ambulance billing questions?

For all questions related to ambulance billing including insurance, payment and hardship assistance, please call (888) 828-8019 Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) between the hours of 8:30am and 7 pm, east coast United States time.

What is the payment mailing address and contact information for ambulance billing?

Please mail ALL correspondence concerning ambulance billing, including payments, forms, letters and other correspondence to:

DC Fire and EMS Department P.O. Box 27767 Washington, DC 20038

Make checks payable to: District of Columbia Treasurer

Main Phone: 1(888) 828-8019

Secure Website Inquiry: www.emsclaims.net Select “DC Fire and EMS Department” from “Please Select City/County Name”

Medical Records Information: (202) 673-2039 HIPAA/PRIVACY/FOIA Information: (202) 673-3397

HIPAA and Privacy. The District of Columbia Fire and EMS Department may use your protected health information (PHI) for purposes of securing payment of ambulance charges. This may include submitting insurance claims, submitting claims to other third parties identified as responsible for payment of charges, or mailing you an invoice requesting payment. Claims for payment of charges may be submitted directly or through the use of a third party billing company and/or clearing house. Follow-up use of PHI for payment purposes may include management of billed claims for services rendered, medical necessity determinations and reviews, insurance company appeals, utilization review and collection of outstanding accounts. Designated agency personnel, including contractual personnel, may review and use PHI to verify your eligibility for certain services including eligibility for “hardship” classification, medical assistance programs or other special designations.

BLS Transport:


Monitoring the coalition air war against ISIS

An Iraqi man carries his son into Trauma Stabilization Point #2, a makeshift medical facility, following an airstrike on the night of June 12, 2017 in West Mosul, Iraq. (Image courtesy of Maranie R. Staab)
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Airwars maintains an extensive all-source database of known allegations in which civilians and friendly forces have been reported killed by the Coalition or Russia in Iraq and Syria. Our individual case studies include photographs, videos, names of the dead, and links to all known sources. These reports represent our best current understanding of events and are updated as new information becomes available.

Summary findings on Coalition air and artillery strikes: August 8th 2014 to June 4th 2018

To May 31st 2018 an overall total of between 17,498 and 25,986 civilian non-combatant fatalities had been locally alleged from 2,609 separate reported Coalition incidents, in both Iraq and Syria. Of these, Airwars presently estimates that a minimum of 6,321 to 9,712 civilians are likely to have died in Coalition actions. However, some caution is needed given the significant challenges of casualty verification at present.

May 31st 2018 17,498 and 25,986 6,321 to 9,712

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The Coalition has so far confirmed a total of at least 892 civilian fatalities from its actions, and has conceded responsibility for 226 of 2,609 claimed incidents which it says caused 807 civilian fatalities (Airwars places the fatality range from these confirmed events higher, at 1,051 to 1,695 killed.) In addition, 85 further civilian deaths have been confirmed by the alliance in unidentified incidents, at least 80 of which were the result of non-US Coalition actions.

The Coalition has so far confirmed a total of at least 892 civilian fatalities

In addition to these confirmed events, it is our provisional view at Airwars that an additional 5,225 to 7,972 civilian non-combatants appear likely to have been killed in 986 further incidents where there is fair and uncontested public reporting of an event – and where Coalition strikes were confirmed in the near vicinity on that date. Some 181 of these likely incidents were in Iraq (1,545 to 2,292 reported deaths) and 805 events in Syria (with a reported fatality range of 3,680 to 5,680.)

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