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Estro Sheepskin Womens Slippers Ladies Wool - Leather Mule Boots Slides Warm Fleece Fur Fluffy Booties Intimo Grey 5xnZBU935
  • Made of a Natural Sheepskin
  • Lining, which is Made of a 100% Wool, Provides your Feet with Warmth
  • Outer Material: Wool
  • Packed in a Beautiful Box
  • Loose Cut Ensures Comfort, even for Large Feet
Estro Sheepskin Womens Slippers Ladies Wool - Leather Mule Boots Slides Warm Fleece Fur Fluffy Booties Intimo Grey 5xnZBU935 Estro Sheepskin Womens Slippers Ladies Wool - Leather Mule Boots Slides Warm Fleece Fur Fluffy Booties Intimo Grey 5xnZBU935 Estro Sheepskin Womens Slippers Ladies Wool - Leather Mule Boots Slides Warm Fleece Fur Fluffy Booties Intimo Grey 5xnZBU935 Estro Sheepskin Womens Slippers Ladies Wool - Leather Mule Boots Slides Warm Fleece Fur Fluffy Booties Intimo Grey 5xnZBU935
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The jsFiddle module for ContentBox is a simple, but handy way to easily embed “fiddles” from in your posts and pages. It also provides for some nice configuration of defaults so that you concentrate more on your content and less on tweaking the fiddles that you include in your posts.

jsFiddle allows defaults to be set for the following:

Another really handy feature of the jsFiddle module is that you can save any number of usernames from Once saved, you will be able to browse the user’s public fiddles when inserting a fiddle into your posts and pages.

NOTE: If you want to force a refresh of all users’ fiddles regardless of expiration, simply use the “Update Cached Fiddles” option.

A new icon () is added to the CKEditor toolbar when creating and editing pages and posts.

Also, you can right-click in the editing area and choose “Embed jsFiddle”.

After acting via the toolbar icon OR the context menu, you’ll see a simple wizard for inserting fiddles.

This wizard provides two options.

In this wizard, you can select a user from the selection list (assuming you’ve saved some users in the config). Once you’ve selected a user, their available public fiddles will displayed.

To insert a fiddle, click the “Configure” link. You’ll see a variety of options (all of which should reflect the defaults you’ve set in the module configuration). You can override any defaults you like. Once you have the fiddle configured the way you’d like it, simply click “Insert FIddle”, and your configured fiddle will be inserted into the content area.

Perhaps you’ve come across a fiddle you want to embed, but haven’t set up the user yet. No problem. With the FIddle By URL option, you can insert a fiddle simply by providing the URL.

Whether you need to increase the height of the iFrame, or tweak the “tabs” that are included in the fiddle, there are a lot of reasons you might want to edit the properties of a fiddle that you’ve already embedded. Fortunately, this is very simple to do.

In the content editor, simply right-click on the fiddle you’d like to edit.In the context menu that appears, you should see a “Edit Fiddle” option at the top.

Once you click this option, a configuration window will be displayed, allowing you easily modify the properties of the fiddle.

The jsFiddle module for ContentBox is completely open source. You can find (and fork) the code at GitHub : Skechers USA Mens Elment Retribe Slipon Loafer Black 41DHZm5

jsFiddle GitHub

Although most of the studies did not detail what they grew in their gardens, it is reasonable to assume that the focus was on growing vegetables, rather than on fruit (in this context, we are referring to culinary fruit and not botanical fruit). Thus, it is not surprising that the most robust result of this study was the increase in vegetable consumption in children participating in a gardening program. This group’s increase in fruit consumption, by comparison, was smaller.

We suggest two nonmutually exclusive hypotheses that might explain why gardening might promote greater vegetable consumption in children. First, gardening provides children with increased access to vegetables, and this increased access may result in greater consumption. Second, gardening can decrease a child’s hesitance to try new foods by exposing children to a broad array of garden-grown vegetables. A study conducted by Think Women’s Guad181293 Chelsea Boots Blue 4 UK Red Wine/Kombi 33 Wine/Kombi 33 xhDuFBJPo
found that it takes between 10 and 15 exposures to a new food before a child will accept this new food into their diet. Of these 10–15 exposures, at least one has to be a taste. However, seeing, touching, planting, growing, and harvesting food are powerful and positive ways to expose children to vegetables or fruit that they may not have had much experience with in the past. Coupled with the greater access to garden-grown vegetables, the mere act of gardening has the potential to both encourage and provide for vegetable consumption.

Based upon the results of this meta-analysis, where we found that gardening has a greater impact on vegetable consumption than other nutrition education programs, we advocate for greater funding for rigorous research of the social, behavioral, and academic impacts of school gardens on children. Garden programs have a history of being chronically underfunded ( Marks and Spencer Ex Insolia® Flat Black Pointed Embelished Ballet Shoe Pump 36 0frgU
; LifeStride Womens Theory Dress Sandal Red jJELYYrF
). This lack of funding has impeded both the broader adoption of school gardens and research on the potential social, behavioral, and academic impacts of gardening on children ( Agodor Womens High Heels Pointed Toe Ankle Boots With Zip Nubuck Leather Classic Work Court Shoes Red XwtVbU
). Relatively few school garden studies have been supported by national grants. This makes it difficult to recruit, study, and track participants in a rigorous experimental study.

Another challenge to nutrition educators and school garden advocates has been working within the guidance of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed) program. SNAP-Ed is arguably the most ubiquitous program focused on obesity prevention, with a goal to increase the likelihood that low-income individuals, families, and children “will make healthy food choices within a limited budget” [ Toni Pons BCNPQ Taupe Cxziet50W
]. However, current and historical guidance disallows the use of SNAP-Ed funds to pay for the basic tools and supplies needed to start or maintain a garden ( USDA, 2011 ). Thankfully, the guidance for 2013 has been revised to allow for “the purchase of seeds, plants, and small gardening tools and supplies to assist in developing school and community gardening projects” ( USDA, 2012 ).

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/ All about usernames

This article will explain what iiNet usernames look like, where to find them, and how they're used.

Select one of the links below to jump to a query:

What is a username?

A username is the label used to identify your account and/or services with iiNet. Each service that we sell has its own username – this is typically chosen when you sign up for that service.

All internet service usernames are also functional email addresses. Here's some examples:

If you only have Mobile Voice with us, you'll be given one email address to use when logging in to Toolbox.

*iiNet customers may log in to Toolbox without including the “” part of their username, but customers of all other subsidiaries should enter their full usernames at all times.

Where can I find my username?

You can find a username in the following places:

Where do I use my username?

Your username has many purposes, including the following:

*iiNet customers may log in to Toolbox or set up a modem without including the “” part of their username, but customers of all other iiNet Group companies should enter their full usernames at all times. If you've never logged into Toolbox before, please see Binying Womens PointedToe HighTop Block Heel Slipon Boots 49CKsLq

How do I change my username?

Changing an existing username is an action that can only be performed by one of our friendly Support Team, so please call us on 13 22 58 for a hand. If you'd just like another iiNet email address to use, you can Wedopus MW375 Womens Anklestrap Pointed Toe Pumps Stiletto Heel Satin Wedding Prom Shoes White j6sLZRRXS

How do I get access to a lost account?

If you are no longer able to access your account due to a forgotten username or password, or you need to take control of an account via Power of Attorney or a similar scenario where the account holder is unable to manage their account, please call us on 13 22 58 . We should be able to search for your account in our billing system and we can then advise what's necessary to gain access to the account information (such as a Statutory Declaration ).

If this is the case, instead please retrieve your invoice number and the total amount owing as shown below. You can then call us on 13 22 58 and provide these details along with your name, date of birth and address to pass an ID check. Our friendly Customer Service Rep can then help you get back on track with your username and password and then you can write these details down for future reference.


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By Matthew Wade Reynolds.

Robert Flaxman

It’s a situation all too familiar – the hard work of writing the script is done, now for the tricky task of getting it read.

Friends and family are too nice. Agents too busy. And producers don’t know what they want until after someone else gets it. (“How about a talking car ?” “Can you make the killer more likable?”)

As one veteran manager put it recently, “First-time writers should truly consider paying to have their scripts read.”

He wasn’t being cynical. We pay for doctors and mechanics – why not professional script analysts? For first-timers and old pros alike, getting that first read may be worth shelling out a few bucks.

Creative Screenwriting was lucky enough to speak with one of the leading script consultants in Los Angeles, Robert Flaxman, whose Deep Feedback consulting service has been relied upon by writers for more than 17 years.

What is your approach to analyzing a screenplay?

It’s what I would call a common sense approach. I play the part of an audience watching a film, and I try to play the part of a reader, a hundred fictitious readers. I say to myself as I’m reading a script – “How could any reader with a modicum of intelligence misinterpret what you intended?” And I find out what you intended as we go through your script, stopping at those places which might be confusing to a reader.

Is your background in writing or filmmaking?

My background is in filmmaking. The last thing I ever intended to do was be a screenplay consultant. After I graduated (from the University of Michigan) I worked professionally as a film editor and started making my own short subjects which played at festivals. One day someone very innocently came to me and asked if I would look at a script. After I’d studied it I spent about three or four hours doing deep feedback – before I knew what deep feedback was . A month afterward someone else came to me, and then someone else. And I was doing this for nothing.

Something tells me it’s not for nothing now. So how does it work?

If someone hasn’t worked with me before, I suggest they do the demo. First I have a phone conversation with a client, before they send anything. They need to give me a call. I like to see what kind of experience they have in terms of screenwriting. I want to find out the genre, what film or films are similar to their scripts.

They send me the first 15 pages of their script – because that’s what hits the studio reader – and I go over it with the same fine-toothed comb that I use for an entire script, and I take up to an hour and a half, which is more than what most people do with an entire script, which is what I understand anyway.

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